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Getting Started

Not sure how to get started using iFactr? Here is where you’ll find out how to get going.


Want to understand more about our technical architecture and why we do things the way we do?

Technical Details

Not sure how we’re able to accomplish the things we do? Trying to figure out the under-the-cover details?


Not sure how iFactr fits into the overall mobile ecosystem or how we compare to other vendors?


Interested in our compatibility with various mobile security, infrastructure, and development technologies?


Concerned about the security of your apps and data? Details about our capabilities and compatibility?


Trying to understand the operational implications of deploying and managing iFactr solutions?

UX Design

Not sure about UI abstraction? When is an app a good fit? When isn’t it?


What’s our pricing and licensing model? What other licenses/services do you need to have?


Interested in our support processes and services level agreements?