iFactr for PhoneGap
Write cross-platform plug-ins and synchronize your data

Enterprise Solutions for PhoneGap

As the leading native/HTML5 hybrid container framework, Apache Cordova, distributed by Adobe as PhoneGap, is a very popular approach to creating cross-platform mobile applications. We created iFactr for PhoneGap to solve several key issues that many enterprise IT organizations had with their PhoneGap application development efforts. First, PhoneGap is limited from a sandbox-level security and encryption perspective, without writing custom plug-ins. Second, if organizations need to extend PhoneGap with plug-ins that involve complex business logic, processing, or calculations, it is very burdensome to rewrite those plug-ins multiple times for each platform. Third, many organizations require a data synchronization engine to provide for offline access to data and disconnected transactional integrity. Finally, many applications require blending native code with HTML5 code, and PhoneGap by default requires native code to be written in multiple different languages.

With iFactr for PhoneGap, you get a secure container, the ability to write native cross-platform PhoneGap plug-ins in C#, a complete data stack for offline access and synchronization, and finally full integration to the iFactr UI abstraction model to mix-and-match cross-platfrom native UI with HTML5-based screens. With iFactr, PhoneGap is truly enterprise-grade and ready for business.

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