iFactr for SAP Mobile Platform
Simplify & Accelerate SAP Implementations

Solutions for SAP Mobile Platform

As the leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, SAP Mobile Platform gives organizations a powerful mobile middleware for integration and data synchronization. Unfortunately, SUP has gained a reputation for being complicated and difficult to implement, which is why we created iFactr for Sybase Unwired Platform: to help organizations with their mobile application development efforts using SUP.

With iFactr for Sybase Unwired Platform, your application development lifecycle is streamlined and your integration processes are simplified. Instead of having to write three different applications in Objective-C, Java, and C#, developers are able to create truly cross-platform enterprise-grade mobile apps using a Microsoft C# .NET abstract application model, and a user interface abstraction layer. The build process allows for the creation of entirely native as well as HTML5 and hybrid applications from one single code base without requiring code generation. The iFactr data stack provides a unified C# .NET LINQ-to-Objects interface to the SUP Mobile Business Objects (MBOs) with either Message Based Synchronization (MBS) or Replication Based Synchronization (RBS) on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms.

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