iFactr for Xamarin

Share 100% of your code and synchronize your data

Enterprise Solutions for Xamarin

As the leading provider of cross-platform developer tools, Xamarin gives developers the ability to create iOS and Android apps from C#. They provide access to the entire set of CocoaTouch APIs from Apple for iOS and the Android APIs from Google from a unified C# and .NET foundation. This allows developers to share business logic and data code, while writing platform-specific user interface layers. But for large, data-driven apps common within the enterprise, creating multiple UIs for each platform can be burdensome. Also, while your developers can code in C#, they still have to know the iOS and Android APIs. And that is why we created iFactr: to provide an abstract application model with a user interface abstraction layer that allows .NET developers to share the entire application, including the UI, across platforms.

Additionally, iFactr also provides a data synchronization stack for caching and queuing with disconnected transactional integrity. This allows applications to be fully functional whether they are connected or not.

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