The iFactr Enterprise Platform
Empowering the mobile worker


Cross-Platform Framework

Develop apps that run on every mobile device.

Data Sync Engine

Run offline and integrate with back-end systems

Portability Framework

Future-proof your platform-specific native apps

UX Prototyping Tool

Quickly create and iterate cross-platform applications

Modernization Framework

Upgrade your legacy rugged mobile solutions

Line-of-Business Accelerator

Rapidly develop solutions with ready-made modules


iFactr for Azure

Rapidly build apps and sync data with an instant back-end

iFactr for SAP

Simplify and accelerate your mobile SAP implementations

iFactr for PhoneGap

Write cross-platform plug-ins and synchronize your data

iFactr for Visual Studio

Develop mobile apps for any platform in your favorite IDE

iFactr for Xamarin

Share 100% of your code and synchronize your data

iFactr for Monocross

Create abstract views that are shared across all platforms


Support Every Platform

You need to be able to develop apps that support any category of device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Apple, Microsoft, Google, or anyone else – iFactr allows you to support native apps or HTML5, it’s your choice.

Reduce Development Costs

Optimized for line-of-business applications, iFactr reduces your development costs by allowing your developers to focus on the business problems they’re solving, not all of the idiosyncrasies on every device and platform.

Leverage Existing IT Investments

Since iFactr is built on industry standards, your existing developers already know how to develop with it and your existing business logic code already runs on it, and your existing systems are ready to integrate with it.

Accelerate Speed to Market

By using industry standard languages and IDEs with an easy-to-use framework that has a low learning curve, your developers will be productive in no time, and your solutions will be ready faster than ever.

No App Rewrite

Because iFactr doesn’t use proprietary 4GLs or niche languages, you’ll be able to reuse your existing business code and logic, which reduces costs and accelerates your time to market.

Future Proofed

By allowing your developers to cleanly separate their business logic from the platform-specific idiosyncrasies, your apps are ready to run on whatever the future will throw at them.

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