Cross-Platform Framework
Develop apps that run on every mobile device

Support Every Mobile
Device & Platform

Develop your apps in a way that you don’t have to worry about the device-specific details. Focus on building your app’s functionality, because iFactr handles the complexities of making it run on anything.

Leverage Existing
IT Investments

While other mobile frameworks and platforms give you similar cross-platform capabilities, only iFactr gives you the ability to leverage existing IT investments by reusing existing application code and business logic.

Utilize Your Developer Skill Sets

Your people are valuable to you. They’ve built your existing .NET apps, and they understand your business, systems and processes. With iFactr you won’t need device specific people, all you need is your existing .NET team.

Reduce App Development Costs

You’re increasing developer productivity, leveraging current app investments, and are enabling better business processes. If your organization has C# .NET developers that have written apps, and you’re looking for a mobile enterprise application platform, iFactr is for you.

Future-Proof Your Apps

You don’t know what mobile devices that you’ll need to support in the future, and iFactr provides you with an insurance policy that guarantees that your apps will keep running no matter what changes come down the path.

Accelerate App Development

By providing developers with a familiar framework that has a low-learning curve, and by separating developers from all of the complexities and idiosyncrasies of mobile development, they can focus on being productive and solving business problems.

UI Abstraction

Rather than providing cross-platform widgets like everyone else, we decided to focus on the functional intent of the application. Developers code the functionality that users need to perform, and iFactr ensures the native experience on each platform.

Phones and Tablets

Additionally, our abstraction model gives developers the ability to describe modular functional layouts that maximize the screen real estate on larger devices like tablets, without disrupting the user experience on smaller form factor devices like smartphones.

Laptops and desktops, too

We find that while virtually everyone is mobile these days, most people still do a lot of their work on their laptops and desktops. So rather than building a framework that just supports phones and tablets, we made sure to support laptops and desktops as well.

Old and new, it still works

Whether you’re still running Windows XP or have already moved to Windows 8, iFactr gives you the ability to support older classic-style applications as well as newer modern-style applications from the same 100% shared code base.

Support BYOD

With employees bringing their own devices into the workplace, the need for cross-platform applications has never been greater. With iFactr, you can give employees the ability to securely do their jobs whether you provide their hardware or they bring their own.

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