Data Sync Engine
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Mobilize data from your existing enterprise systems

Sometimes mobile applications require completely new back-end systems, but the vast majority of today’s mobile enterprise solutions require integration with your existing systems, and iFactr gives the ability to extend and synchronize that data from the back-end the mobile edge.

Offer secure access to data while offline

Your users need to be able to access the data they need when they need it in order to do their job, but you need to make sure it is kept safe and secure. iFactr provides AES-256 encryption as well as fully supports integration with leading MDM, MAM, and other security solutions.

Provide disconnected transactional integrity

It’s one thing to cache data to make it available when offline, but iFactr also solves a much more complex problem to allow for manipulation of that data while disconnected, and ensure that the changes are subsequently synchronized with conflicts managed and resolved.

Use industry standards not proprietary middleware

While our competitors chose to build proprietary middleware solutions to facilitate data synchronization, we support synchronization with standards-based RESTful web services and OData.

Supports integration with every major vendor

Whether you need to integrate with SAP or Oracle, synchronize data with DB2 or SQL Server, iFactr allows you to create mobile solutions that can work with any back-end.

Works with data in the cloud or on your premises

Unlike many of our competitors who only support the cloud, and others who only support on-premise environments, iFactr fully supports cloud and on-premise implementations, and even a combination of both.

Device Cloud Server

Keeping Data in Sync

Mobile enterprise applications must be reliable, and function with or without a network connection. That not only means making the data available offline in a secure manner to meet regulatory requirements, but also providing for disconnected transactional integrity.

The iFactr data stack provides offline access and disconnected transactional integrity with any standards-based RESTful web service back-end or mobile integration middleware like SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform.

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