Line of Business Accelerator
Rapidly develop apps with ready-made modules

Jump start your mobile development efforts

You need to get results quickly, and we’re ready for your. Our pre-built modules can give you a running start in your enterprise mobility initiatives.

Powerful out-of-the-box functionality

Demonstrate cross-platform functionality in your apps within minutes by utilizing the iFactr Line-of-Business accelerator.

Plug-and-play modules
Integrated modules for rapid app development

Leverage pre-built solution architectures

Building a large enterprise solution is very challenging, and one of the biggest issues is just getting your solution architecture in place. We’re ready for you with solution architecture templates for a variety of scenarios.

Take advantage of common features

We saw that many of our customers developing the same functionality over-and-over. So instead of forcing you to reinvent the wheel, we did it for you.

Accelerate your innovation

Customize modules as necessary

Every business is different, and we don’t expect you to conform to our technology, so we made sure that our technology conforms to you.  Our modules are fully customizable to suit your specific needs.

Rapidly see your ROI

The faster you can build functionality, the faster you can put it into users hands and drive real business value.  iFactr enables you to quickly bring your applications to market, and get a return on your investment in mobility.

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