Modernization Framework
Upgrade your legacy rugged mobile solutions

A Legacy Migration Path

Don’t just run your legacy apps into the ground. Give them a migration path to modern devices and platforms without the time and cost of starting over from scratch.
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Support Modern Devices

Mobile technology has changed a lot over the last decade, and even though the largest changes have been around consumer tech, those innovations have bled into industrial hardware too.
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Leverage Your Existing App Investments

With the iFactr Modernization Framework, we provide multiple ways to take advantage of your existing investments. From code migration and recompilation to telnet back-end scraping, we offer many possibilities.
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Accelerate Modernization Efforts

Unlike alternative solutions that involve an entire rewrite, the iFactr Modernization Framework can often provide results in days or weeks saving valuable time and money.
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Allow for BYOD Deployment

Rather than having to provide corporate-owned devices for every rugged deployment, have the flexibility to take advantage of the trend of bring-your-own-device.
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Future-proof Your Apps

Most rugged devices have been running a consistent operating system for over a decade, but with today’s disruptive landscape you need to make sure that your apps are prepared for whatever the future holds.
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Compact Framework Migration

The vast majority of today’s legacy devices are Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices running apps built using the .NET Compact Framework. Only iFactr provides a modernization framework to rapidly bring that legacy code to all of today’s modern platforms.
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Telnet Scraping

Right or wrong, telnet usage is still extremely pervasive, with AS/400s and VAX/VMS servers scattered around back rooms of retail stores, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and data centers globally. But don’t let that hold you back from innovating around mobility.

iFactr provides an engine that allows back-end telnet applications to be bound to our abstract UI constructs, giving you modern user experiences for even the oldest of applications, and providing the ability to build additional, new capabilities on top of what the legacy system provides.

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Innovate at the Speed of Mobility

Business is moving faster than ever with mobile. Your team needs to move just as quickly to create and update your mobile apps. You need to find a solution that will let you build apps in days and weeks, not months and years.

It Runs On Old & New Devices

New devices will come and go and you need an app framework that you can run old apps on new devices or new apps on old devices natively. There is only one framework that will give you that flexibility, and you just found it.

Use The Hardware You Want

New devices will come and go and you need your apps to run on any of the latest devices despite their operating system or language. Free yourself from hardware vendor lock-in and never write an app over again.

Old Code Isn’t Wasted

You’ve invested in .NET apps and have countless hours into .NET code libraries and business logic. Reuse that code and maximize your investment in intellectual property and proprietary business processes.

It Works Disconnected

Business doesn’t stop because the server isn’t responding. Your people need to be productive, not waiting for a connection. With transactional integrity you don’t miss a beat with or without connectivity, in the fields, basements, operating rooms, and remote locations where mobile work happens.
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Leverage Your Investments

You need to modernize your legacy devices running older operating systems and you don’t want to rewrite the application in another programming language. Reuse your existing code to run on the latest rugged devices.
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