Portability Framework
Future-proof platform-specific native apps

Accelerate Mobile App Development Efforts

With the speed of change in the mobile landscape today, you need to be able to innovate at the pace your users are going.

Easily migrate between
HTML5 & Native

Rather than having to make the decision between HTML5 and native, iFactr allows you to build apps that support both.

Apps Won’t have to be Rewritten, Guaranteed

The iFactr Portability Framework allows your apps be developed in a platform agnostic manner, and we guarantee that they’ll run on any platform: today or tomorrow.

Reduce Your Upfront Investment

For organizations that aren’t sure they need to invest in an enterprise mobile application platform or cross-platform framework, the flexible licensing options of iFactr let you get started at a much lower cost.

Prepared for Tomorrow

Be prepared for the changing tastes of your BYOD workers at no additional cost today. If your needs change, you can purchase the iFactr licenses at that time for those new platforms.

Deploy to Future Platforms

Since your applications are fully abstract, they can be taken to additional platforms simply be upgrading to that iFactr platform support and recompiling.

Apple Devices

From the iPod touch to the iPhone, iPad and even the Macbook and iMac, Apple has a strong line of hardware devices. With iFactr, you can support them all.

Android Devices

Currently the king of smartphone market share, Android devices are appearing everywhere. Support both Android phones and tablets without worrying about fragmentation.

Windows Devices

The de facto standard for enterprise productivity, Windows machines are everywhere, but it’s also fragmented. With iFactr you can support legacy apps on Windows CE and Windows Mobile, Classic apps on Windows XP/Vista/7 as well as Modern apps on Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Embedded 8, Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, & Windows Phone 8.

Be an Innovator

Focus on your business, not maintaining old apps

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