UX Prototyping Tool
Quickly Create & Iterate

Even before you start writing the first line of code, your app looks great. With iFactr, you get a beautifully designed, professional-quality application without the mess.

Idea to on-device demo in days

Your users often don’t know what they really want until they have a chance to experience an application for themselves, and iFactr provides you with the ability to prototype apps without writing a line of code.

Clickable Prototypes on Device

Photoshop mock-ups and wireframes can give users a sense for an app, but your user won’t truly be able to provide feedback until they can use the app for themselves. iFactr provides the ability to create interactive, functional prototypes.

Optimize Experiences & Iterate

By providing the ability to rapidly prototype your apps, you can quickly iterate with your users and decision makers to inexpensively determine what the app really needs to do.

The Tools You Need

Create stunning app prototypes with the real look and feel right from a mobile device. You get the real UI elements, a wire-framing kit, drawing abilities, vector shapes, text and images. Bring your ideas to life with a tap of the finger, without a single line of code.

Intuitive & Powerful

The aim of our UX tools are to make the full power of the iFactr platform available in a straightforward interface. This means no compromises as you craft your unique app.

Team Work

Visually create your entire application from the components library of lists, menus, buttons, forms and iconography. Present your app to end users, management, and the development team on the actual device and collect feedback right from your prototype. Once the experience is ready for coding, hand off the app to your team of developers, with no loss of fidelity.

Prototype Across Platforms

Experience not just a single platform, but all the mobile platforms within your prototype designs.

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