iFactr for Data Collection
Increase workforce productivity, efficiency, and data quality.

Mobile Solutions for Data Collection

Even though rugged mobile devices have been used for collecting various sorts of data for more than a decade, iFactr for Data Collection brings that capability to a new level with support for modern devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices. In addition to keypad navigation on traditional Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices, the touchscreen on modern devices can be used to quickly navigate through workflows, fill out forms and checklists, and perform other data collection processes. When combined with geolocation functionality or one of the many mobile barcode scanners on the market, the data collection abilities can be enhanced even further.

Think of this type of application as a way to streamline and enhance the ability to capture information or content from anywhere and funnel it back to the organization, into whatever back-end system or database it ultimately needs to live in.

With iFactr, your workflow automation applications can be delivered as native apps running on the device for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows XP/Vista/7 Classic-style, Windows 8 Metro-style, or running on the server as HTML5 delivered in a browser or part of a hybrid PhoneGap application.

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