iFactr for Document Management
Empower your workforce with documents at their fingertips.

Mobile Solutions for Document Management

As many organizations have moved toward a paperless future with electronic document management systems, the ability to extend access to complete document archives from anywhere on an iPad can be a valuable application for companies in many industries. Search functionality can help users rapidly locate the exact documents they need.

In addition to the ability to access archived documents, iFactr for Document Management also provides a powerful platform for completing document-based forms and workflows. Even more, signatures can be captured on the touchscreen for rapid and simplified document authorization and contract execution.

With iFactr, your document management applications can be delivered as native apps running on the device for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows XP/Vista/7 Classic-style, Windows 8 Metro-style, or running on the server as HTML5 delivered in a browser or part of a hybrid PhoneGap application.

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