iFactr for Financial Services
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Mobile Solutions for Financial Services

Financial service organizations were some of the earliest adopters of the iPad, and can use the device for many types of information-driven applications. Business intelligence, executive dashboards, and other types of reporting applications are popular solutions for all kinds of financial service organizations.

Document management and workflow automation are also powerful solutions in this particular industry. Additionally, signatures can be captured electronically to be saved to documents and integrated into workflow. Commercial lending institutions often have additional paperwork, physical inventory examinations, audits, and other processes that can be significantly streamlined with iPad apps.

Most large financial service organizations are also creating many different kinds of external-facing applications for customers. Consumer banks can provide account management, loan applications, and bill-pay solutions. Brokerages can provide portfolio tracking as well as stock trading.

With iFactr, your financial services applications can be delivered as native apps running on the device for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows XP/Vista/7 Classic-style, Windows 8 Metro-style, or running on the server as HTML5 delivered in a browser or part of a hybrid PhoneGap application.

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