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Mobile Solutions for Medical Providers

Physicians have traditionally been among early adopters for mobile technology, and iFactr for Medical Providers is no exception. Due to the popularity of the device among medical professionals, an entire application category in the App Store is dedicated to medical applications. As a result, though, there is a lot of fragmentation within providers and institutions, since application usage is being driven by individual users as opposed to the overall organization. This means that most of the applications being used today are relatively stand-alone and aren’t integrated with back-end systems and data. The use of stand-alone applications like reference guides and calculators is extremely widespread. Solutions like electronic medical records (EMR) and e-prescribing are gaining traction, but are adopted more slowly because they require integration and management by the provider or institution.

Among the most popular applications used by physicians are medical reference guides. These apps can provide powerful access to general topics, details about specific conditions, and information from the latest articles published in medical journals. Applications with drug databases, prescription calculators, and drug interaction calculators are also extremely powerful and potentially life-saving. The iPad is also popular among nurses and medical students as a powerful platform for training, learning, and reference.

Another popular use of the iPad is as an illustrative tool for patients. The device can be used to display 3D models of anatomy like the heart or spine to help physicians communicate with patients visually and to make it easier for patients to understand hard-to-describe concepts.

For complicated surgical operations, the iPad can be used as an interactive consent form, providing pictures, videos, or 3D renderings of surgical procedures to help medical professionals communicate complex concepts visually with patients, as well as capture on-screen electronic signatures for patient consent.

Applications to automate the capture of diagnosis and procedure codes can streamline the billing process as well as help to catch coding errors at the point of care instead of later during transcription and data entry. Additionally, electronic medical records can be accessed from the iPad, giving practitioners real-time access to information like patient status, radiology reports, and lab tests.

Vital signs can be monitored remotely from the iPad, and physicians can immediately see live patient data and alerts. From fetal heartbeat and the mother’s contraction patterns during labor to cardiac rhythm, pulse oximetry, and peak ventilator pressures of patients in intensive care, this type of application gives physicians the ability to closely monitor patients from wherever the physicians are.

With iFactr, your mobile medical providers applications can be delivered as native apps running on the device for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows XP/Vista/7 Classic-style, Windows 8 Metro-style, or running on the server as HTML5 delivered in a browser or part of a hybrid PhoneGap application.

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