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Data Synchronization

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Data Caching

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Transaction Queuing


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Reflection Based API

Reflection Based API

HTML5 Cache Manifest

HTML 5 Cache Manifest

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Hosting Options

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The iFactr Cache and Queue manage all interactions with data services on the server. Retrieval requests are handled by the Cache, including durable persistence, resource pre-fetch, and the refresh of stale objects. Transaction requests are managed by the Queue, including connection management, requests for execution, and transaction conflict resolution.
The server is the source of truth. Any item in the cache will reflect a valid state, as available from the server at the time of the request. The client application can request a refresh, but cannot directly modify the Cache. Any new data, or changes to an item on the client is sent to the server for processing before the Cache will be refreshed with updated information.
iFactr RESTful Services

CRUD-based Sync

iFactr provides a fully-managed cross-platform mobile data synchronization framework designed to integrate with RESTful services over HTTP. It implements a RESTful provider model with full support for create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on resources defined in your mobile services model. The data stack also provides for disconnected management of data resources using a cache plus queue model contain within the data provider, which manages pre-fetching, merging, and conflict resolution.


Rapidly gaining popularity, OData adds a lightweight layer of metadata to RESTful services, which provides much of the convenience of SOAP without all of the baggage. iFactr provides the ability to dynamically generate data providers from the metadata offered by the OData services.

SAP Mobile Platform

As the industry-leading mobile enterprise middleware, adoption of the SAP Mobile Platform is widespread. iFactr supports synchronization with both SAP-exposed OData services, as well an abstraction of Mobile Business Objects (MBOs) with either Message Based Synchronization (MBS) or Replication Based Synchronization (RBS) on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Azure Mobile Services

Create a scalable and secure backend for your iFactr applications. Use Azure Mobile Services to store data in the cloud, easily authenticate users, send push notifications, easily consume external web services, as well as monitor, alert, and auto-scale your environment. And iFactr for Azure provides data synchronization for access to your data whether connected or not, and full app functionality even when offline.


Server Logic

Dynamic Schemas


Logging & Diagnosics





If you need to rapidly develop a back-end as part of your mobile solution, there’s nothing more effective than a Backend-as-a-Service. Azure Mobile Services is the industry-leading enterprise-grade BaaS, and iFactr takes the productivity and functionality to the next level with data synchronization and disconnected transactional integrity.

Dynamic Schemas

Using the iFactr Data Sync Engine in conjunction with Azure Mobile Services provides the ability to dynamically generate data schemas. So as your business entities and data structures evolve, the back-end database dynamically changes in real-time. When you’re ready to go into production, you can simply turn off dynamic schemas and your relational models will be enforced.

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