Spectacular Native Experiences
Your mobile framework shouldn’t limit what you can to do.

Find Your Way

Find your next delivery location. Find the address of your next appointment. Automate departure and arrival tasks based on geo location. Or map geographic data for an insurance claim, land use, or transportation project. Beautifully integrated mapping data built into your applications will change the way you work.

Light By Design

Architecturally, the iFactr mobile framework was built by thinking differently and has undergone intense scrutiny by our customers, and most of all our own engineers. Every aspect of the framework has earned the right to be included, and nothing that isn’t essential is there. That’s the secret behind why iFactr works, while other mobile frameworks don’t.

Ask For It

Intelligent assistants help you get things done, just by asking. Talk as you normally would to a person and your digital assistant not only understands what you said, it knows what you mean. Use it for dictation, performing in app tasks, or scheduling upcoming meetings. Just ask and the personal assistant in your pocket is at your service.

Stream Big

Apps built using iFactr can stream their content wirelessly to your HDTV via Apple TV over a Wi‑Fi network from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or Mac. With just a tap of the AirPlay icon, you can give a presentation with up to the minute data, show a video demonstration, or just kick back at home and work from the big screen.

Print Wirelessly

Print right from your mobile device over Wi‑Fi. With iFactr, printing is built into every application you build, with no software downloads, no drivers to install, and no cables. With just a few taps, you can send anything in your app to a printer.

Extend Your Work

Mobile apps wouldn’t be the game changer for business they are without incredible battery life. Web based applications with multiple remote server calls quickly deplete battery life. Natively rendered apps with locally stored data consume less power while being packed with performance. So you can work and play as long as you want.

Get Connected

Bluetooth barcode scanners, printers, card readers, speakers, and even stethoscopes have been wirelessly connected to mobile devices with iFactr. When you combine bluetooth technology with iFactr your mobile devices become even more incredible.

Record HD Video

An impromptu meeting, a company-wide disaster response statement, a remote site survey — the camera on your mobile device lets you capture all these seemingly unpredictable moments. So your videos are instantly ready to share with headquarters or your workforce.

Shoot Still Images

Todays multi‑megapixel cameras on modern mobile devices capture great-looking pictures whether by sunlight or candlelight. Use a photo to document an accident, show points of interest on an x-ray, or provide headquarters with competitive intelligence. With photos, your capturing big, beautiful images that can instantly be marked up and securely shared based on your corporate policies.


Meetings, appointments, demonstrations, deliveries, and reminders all have their place in your apps. Using a central calendar makes the schedules of your workforce easy to manage and sync across all their devices.

Collect Signatures

Record the delivery of a package, get sales contracts signed, or record patient acknowledgement to realize revenue faster, automate backend contract processing, and improve workforce productivity with the signature capture capabilities of iFactr.

Update Your Rugged

Modern devices running new systems are hitting the market, support for the old is going away, and your current apps need to run on these new devices. Maintain one code base and keep your apps working on the old as well as the new rugged devices.

Incredible Performance

Apps built using a mobile devices native code are known for being fast, with fluid performance. The iFactr framework doesn’t disappoint. It features powerful natively rendered code, which makes everything you do feel smooth and natural. From the little things like switching from app to app and tapping from screen to screen, to the big things like connecting to bluetooth devices, watching videos, and processing orders.

See What’s New

Something new is always popping up — an email, a message, a calendar alert. Why should your application be any different? Your business has timely information to communicate as well. With iFactr’s native notifications it’s easy to stay on top of it all. So you’ll always know what’s going on the moment it happens.

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