Why iFactr for IT Executives
Empowering mobile workers without compromise

Give Workers Cross-Platform Apps

As the “consumerization of IT” drives mobile proliferation, corporate employees have a rapidly-growing appetite for apps. Users are demanding line-of-business applications for their work lives on par with the mobile apps they use in their personal lives. Deliver those apps on whatever platform is necessary. Why not just use HTML5?

Accelerate App Development

In today’s fast paced mobile environment, you can’t afford to spend 18 months building and deploying a mobile enterprise solution. Separate the complexity of back-end development and integration from the mobile client work that requires a more rapid development lifecycle. Learn More

Provide Compelling Experiences

Users don’t compare your mobile apps to the enterprise software that you’ve traditionally given them. They’ll compare your apps to best-in-breed consumer apps. That makes usability and user experience a mission-critical requirement for modern mobile apps.

Leverage Existing IT Investments

With iFactr, your existing infrastructure, security, management, and even traditional rugged mobile app dev investments can be reused. You don’t have to start from scratch, iFactr fully supports both in-cloud and on-premises environments.

Utilize Current Developer Skill Sets

Unlike every other enterprise mobile platform on the market, your developers don’t have to learn a new language or proprietary 4GL. Rather than using a proprietary, hard-to-find skill set, millions of developers have the skills you need.

Modern Architecture using the Latest Technology

While other platforms have architectures based on legacy technologies, iFactr was designed from the ground-up to support the latest native as well as HTML5 technologies. So rather than being stuck in the past, with iFactr you are fully prepared for the future.

Uses Industry-Standard Languages

Since iFactr uses industry-standard languages instead of proprietary 4GLs or niche languages, you know that your app investments are safe-and-sound.

Data Sync Without Proprietary Middleware

Enterprise apps need to work whether a wireless connection is available or not. Keep data in sync and your users doing their jobs, even while offline, with industry standard web services and no proprietary middleware required.

Future-Proof Your Apps

Mobile device makers release new devices and OS versions at staggering rates. You don’t need to gamble on your mobile future with device specific code. Move freely between device platforms at any time with shared code.

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