Why iFactr for Architects
Your existing tech running everywhere

The only .NET mobile
enterprise platform

Your people are valuable to you. They’ve built your existing apps, and they understand your business, systems and processes. With iFactr you won’t need device specific people, all you need is your existing team.

Develop cross-platform
mobile apps in .NET

We’re not the only ones who think you’ll love iFactr. Our customers have told us that once they saw iFactr in action, we showed them a better way to build mobile apps. Don’t take our word for it, ask us for a customer reference and they can tell you first hand just how much they love it.

Deliver native, web,
and/or hybrid solutions

Unlike other solutions on the market that provide only native, only web, or only hybrid architectures, iFactr allows you to develop a single app that can be compiled as a native application utilizing platform-specific user interface components or to a web app generating HTML5.

Allows for local or
remote execution

While other platforms either perform all of the application logic execution either on the client on the server, iFactr is the only platform that provides flexibility

Streamline the software development lifecycle

From the moment your architects and engineers start working with iFactr they’ll love it. It’s simple yet powerful. Light weight yet full-featured. It can do just about everything and runs just about everywhere.

Allow access to all platform-specific APIs

You’ve invested in .NET apps and have countless hours into .NET code libraries and business logic. Reuse that code and maximize your investment in intellectual property and proprietary business processes.

It Makes SAP Work – As Promised

The decision was made to buy SAP’s product, and now the challenge is getting it to actually work as they promised it would. Customers have used iFactr to both complement SAP’s products and/or replace them.

Run offline and synchronize
with back-end data

Business doesn’t stop because the server isn’t responding. Your people need to be productive, not waiting for a connection. With transactional integrity you don’t miss a beat with or without connectivity, in the fields, basements, operating rooms, and far off lands where mobile work happens.

Utilize current developer skill sets

Great mobile frameworks support apps for employees, business partners, and/or customers. Delivering apps through managed internal or public app stores as well as over the web. You need a framework that lets you do it all.

It Runs On Old And New Devices

New devices will come and go and you need an application framework that you can run old apps on new devices or new apps on old devices natively. There is only one framework that will give you that flexibility, and you just found it.

It’s A Better Experience

The framework that your looking for helps you build better user experiences based on the best practice guidelines for each platform. Experiences that are expected for the platform your on and not a limiting one size fits all approach. Believe in better experiences.

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